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Artspace welcomes submissions from professional artists, curators, writers, and/or collectives to submit an application for a one-year (January - December 2021), self-directed studio residency at Artspace. 

Deadline: Monday, November 16, 2020, at midnight

The purpose of this residency is to provide space for creating, research and the development of work. This residency can be used to develop a new project or continue an ongoing practice. Residency artist(s) are not expected to finish a project in the allotted time. Instead, we ask that the artist(s) host an artist talk at the completion of the residency. The artist(s) will be paid the appropriate CARFAC fee for the presentation.

Artspace will provide a 1000 square foot private studio space to the selected artist(s) for one year. The studio has a private entrance and washroom separate from Artspace’s main facilities. Through this residency, the artist(s) will also have access to the Artspace media lab, library and equipment, as well as one on one curatorial support from Artspace staff. 

The selected artist(s) will be responsible for covering costs associated with the purchase of materials, the shipment of artwork/supplies, travel costs, and living expenses. This residency is ideal for an artist(s) based in Peterborough or the surrounding area. 

Mailed submissions will not be accepted. Applicants who do not adhere to the following criteria will be disregarded.

You will be asked to include the following:

  1. Proposal/Project Description (1 page max) -  Tell us about the project(s) that you would like to develop during this studio residency 
  2. Technical and Material Requirements
  3. Artist Statement (250 words max)
  4. Artist Bio (250 words max)
  5. Current CV (3 pages max)
  6. Visual Support Material with Support Material List (15 images max)

Please select visual support material mindfully, as committee members have limited time to consider each proposal. Images should be labelled numerically with the artist’s name (01_name.jpg, 02_name.jpg, etc.). Your Support Material List should include the title of work, date created, medium, and dimensions.
If you wish to include video documentation, it should be uploaded to a site such as YouTube or Vimeo and linked in the application. Regardless of duration, please include full videos. Due to time constraints, the jury may only view up to 5 minutes of each video. Please note the clip you would prefer the jury view by including time marks in the documentation list.

Proposals will be judged in relation to Artspace’s mission and programming objectives.

Have any questions?
Please contact:

Bec Groves

Associate Director

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.