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Artspace is dedicated to presenting work from contemporary artists working in a variety of disciplines. The centre strives to present art that reflects and promotes the diversity of cultural and political perspectives that shape contemporary art practices. Submissions from emerging, mid-career and senior artists whose works is alternative, experimental and/or critically engaged are welcome. The centre welcomes submissions from individual artists, curators, and collectives to apply with new or existing exhibition proposals. Artspace is seeking proposals for Gallery 1 and 2, as well as offsite projects relevant to the centre’s mandate. Artspace maintains two submission deadlines: August 3 and November 30. All submissions must be made using Artspace’s online submission system.

In preparing your submission please consult Artspace’s archive of previous exhibitions as well as the centre’s floorplan. An extensive archive of past exhibitions can be found here.

Artspace provides curatorial support, installation assistance, insurance, promotion, and documentation of exhibtions, and when budgets allow, commission critical essays to accompany selected projects. Artspace is committed to paying artist and copyright fees according to the guidelines established by CAR/FAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/Les Fronts des Artistes Canadiens).


All submissions should be made online through:

Artspace does not accept mailed submissions. Applicants who do not adhere to the following criteria will be disregarded.

You will be asked to include the following:

  1. Proposal/Project      Description (1 page max) 
  2. Technical      Requirements
  3. Artist      Statement (250 words max)
  4. Artist      Bio (250 words max)
  5. Current      CV (3 pages max)
  6. Visual      Support Material with Support Material List (15 images max)

Please select visual support material mindfully, as committee members have limited time to consider each proposal. Images should be labeled numerically with the artist’s name (01_name.jpg, 02_name.jpg, etc.). Your Support Material List should include title of work, date created, medium, and dimensions.

Video documentation should be uploaded to a site such as Youtube or Vimeo and linked in the application. Regardless of duration, please include full videos. Due to time constraints, the selections committee may only view up to 5 minutes of each video. Please note the clip you would prefer the jury view by including time marks in the documentation list.

Programming Policy

 Proposals are judged in relation to Artspace's mandate and programming focus. Submissions that arrive after each deadline will be held over until the next deadline. In order to present a cohesive yearly program, our committees review materials from both deadlines, and decisions are often not made for many months.


 If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact:


Jon Lockyer



378 Aylmer Street North